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This Oneblade safety razor is the finest single edge safety razor I have ever used. I absolutely have loved shaving with this highly refined precision instrument. It will rival any of your go to safety razors. This shaver comes well thought out and ready for a lifetime of use backed by a warranty that makes it clear. This product is the concept and passion of Porter Stansberry who had a personal goal and commitment to excellence. That passion shows all the way through with OneBlade from the initial un-boxing to your first shave...

The fundamental goal of the OneBlade Razor is to manufacture the worlds finest razor from the highest quality components to the highest standards all of this secured with a lifetime warranty. To accomplish this over 1 million dollars in research has been spent and several years of product testing have gone into the OneBlade Razor. As a razor manufacturer myself I can and do appreciate the effort the OneBlade team has put forward. For the last 3 months OneBlade has been in my shaving rotation and I thoroughly enjoy the results. I am a head shaver and this razor works effortlessly for keeping my cranium looking great and makes the task of head shaving enjoyable and effortless.

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